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Find out how much you can boost your properties value by hiring Brown’s Paving for your asphalt needs!

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Easy Street Asphalt Bag

Pothole Repair | EZ Street Asphalt

EZ Street Asphalt is the ideal solution for your pothole and cold weather paving needs. It can be used in nearly any weather condition, even at -18 degrees!

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Brown’s Paving not only specializes in walkways, but their newest pattern paving addition boosts the design of any space.


Brown’s Paving uses high quality asphalt for all roads and streets. Please drive safely while crews are at work!
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Paving your driveway can not only increase the value of your property, it can make it easier for snow removal and provide a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape.

Serving Sussex, Petitcodiac, Hampton, Norton, Salisbury and beyond!

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