Many Atlantic Canadian municipalities and contractors are loving this new innovative product. It's easy to use and guaranteed to work through our Canadian winters.

We Ship to Quebec and all of
Atlantic Canada in bulk or by the bag.


Top 5 Reasons to use EZ Street Asphalt

1. Easy to apply - Can be applied in water filled potholes

There is no heating required like traditional asphalt. You simply open the bag, dump it in the water filled pothole and compress. That’s it!

2. Can be applied in winter at -18 degrees temperature

Most potholes are formed in the winter months where there are several freezes and thaw cycles. Now you do not need to wait until spring to fill them in. EZ Street asphalt mix makes it fast and easy to fill a pothole at your place of business or even on a busy street.

3. Can be purchased by the bag or in bulk

If you have just 1 small pothole or small area to be paved at your business you can buy the 50 lb bags. We also offer 1 tonne sacs and stockpile EZ street asphalt in Sussex, New Brunswick for bulk purchases.

4. Guaranteed Permanent

This is not a temporary fix until spring. EZ Street Asphalt is a one-time guaranteed solution for your potholes.

5. Made in Canada

Canadian made! We have a great relationship with EZ Street Asphalt and we are super proud to be working with them and distributing their product throughout Atlantic Canada.

Brown’s Paving stocks EZ Street in bulk or 50lb/22kg bags.

Proudly serving municipal and private contractors as well as departments of transportation in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John, New Brunswick as well as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Quebec.


Manufactured in Sussex, NB

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